Keep Safe On The Roads

4 Wheel Alignment

Why does this matter?

Incorrect wheel alignment has a massive negative affect on your vehicle

Safer Better Handling

A poorly aligned vehicle can put the vehicle a death trap. the Manufactures spend millions developing the vehicles to ensure they are safe for you and your family when in the cabin. All it takes is a knock whilst driving on the road wheel or a pothole in the road and you could be risking the safety of you and your passengers

Reduced Tyre Wear

Incorrect wheel alignment is the major cause of uneven or excessive tyre wear and with the cost of a modern tyre, this can be really expensive. Did you know the for the price of a Standard tyre you Can have a full Electronic wheel alignment carried out to ensure you are not going to be replacing your tyres every few months? 

Improved Fuel Economy

Incorrect alignment can have a large impact on your fuel economy as the vehicle. It is vital that the suspension is aligned to reduce road friction and to ensure the wheels are pointing exactly how they should be to allow you to get the MPG you need in this tough economic climate.