Bodywork & Paintwork

What can we do?

From small scratches to large accident repairs at Richardson's we have the skilled Technicians and equipment to carry out repairs to the highest level.

Bodywork Repairs

We use the latest Technology to ensure your every vehicle is repaired correctly by our trained technicians using the correct repair methods and certified parts.If we believe your vehicle's bodywork may be out of alignment it will be measured with our computerized measuring system before, during and after the body alignment has been carried out.Our equipment shows our technicians the exact positions of all the major chassis and suspension mounting positions so they can be checked and aligned correctly. An incorrectly aligned vehicle will be dangerous and will also affect the overall handling and will lead to excessive and costly tyre wear.

Paintwork & Smart Repairs

All of our final paintork refinishing is carried out in 1 of our 2 sophisticated low bake spray booths which allows us to achieve clean professional results every time. The colour is identified from the vehicle information plate coupled with our Technicians colour matching skills so if we do find a that the colour requires adjustments our skilled paint technicians will tint the paint to achieve the perfect paint match. Every repair we undertake has a warranty included which is also why we always use only the best high quality materials that do not fade or degrade.