Full DPF cleaning service

For Only £185

The latest technology

We use the latest technology which allows blocked filters to be cleaned without the massive costs to replace with a complete new filter!

Have you got any of these issues?

  • DPF filter issues
  • Engine management light illuminated
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Engine misfires and other issues
  • Reduced vehicle acceleration
If you have any of the above issues it may be possible that your DPF filter is blocked and is in need of some urgent repairs to avoid costly running costs and repairs bills.

What is a DPF filter

Because a diesel car burns fuel in a different way to a petrol engine excessive soot is created during the engine combustion process which can produces dangerous emissions which has serious environmental and health implications. To help eliminate these issues a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is fitted to all new diesel vehicles and the purpose of this filter is to capture and destroy the soot created by the engine and reduce the dangerous emissions.

Why should a DPF be cleaned

The vehicle will clean the DPF filter by using a process called passive regeneration, This starts when the vehicle is driven over 40mph for a period of minutes at a time. The vehicles will heat the exhaust gasses to very high temperatures of around 500 degrees celcius which will turn this soot into harmless ash.

The problem is that many drivers live in towns or cities and the short quick driving conditions do not allow for the regeneration process to be completed. The vehicle will automatically try to correct this issue and clean the DPF by using a process called active regeneration, however this process is not always successful which leads to excessive soot eventually blocking the DPF filter which requires urgent mechanical assistance.