AC Info R-134A

Why should it be done?

The refrigerant gas used in the AC system naturally from all systems at 10 - 15% per year. The compressor (which uses fuel) has to work harder which costs you money, In addition, the lower gas level which increases the likelihood of component failure.

What's included in this service?

  • Replace refrigerant
  • Replace the correct PAG oil 
  • Carry out a leak pressure test after refilling the refrigerant
  • Check all drive belts
  • Carry out temperature cabin test

Is your Air conditioning or Climate Control failing to provide its original freshness?

As your system ages, you may notice the freshness deteriorating whenever your air conditioning is operating, as moisture in the system coats the contaminates the system. We can also offer the anti-bacterial service which can be selected below when making the booking.