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This is our Employee portal to enable all Employees to recieve information and use available forms.

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Please submit any extra parts or damage found upon dismantling the vehicle.

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The safety of all our staff is priority through these tough times. We are clased as key workers so we do remain open for business assisting keeping the vehicles operating.

Please find information relating to the recent Covid-19 virus . Please wash your hands throughout the day and anti-bac the vehicle's vital areas before and after work is completed.

New Changes with regards to covid-19

2 Metre Social Distancing rule

I understand this is a tough time for everyone and we are all worried about the Covid-19 situation and with this in mind please can we stick to the 2-metre social distancing rule at all times.


I have ordered some bulk cleaners and sanitisation products for each Employee which is due into stock on Monday and we have had a delivery of some products last week which can be used. The cleaning equipment includes an industrial mop and wringer with an industrial-strength cleaning solution and I would like each employee to spend up to 30 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to clean all work areas to minimize risk.

New safety measures:

  • Clean vehicle areas i.e steering wheel, door handles, and gearsticks prior to starting work and after completing work area.
  • keep work area clean & tidy 
  • Keep the 2-metre social distancing rule at all times including tea breaks so refrain from mixing in the tea room etc and i would suggest staggering tea breaks and lunches or sit in your vehicles at break times. 
  • Avoid multiple Technicians working in the same area or vehicle at the same time 
  • Avoid all social groups within the workplace 
  • Only 1 person to be in the paint mixing room at any 1 time 
  • Only 2 persons allowed in the spray booth at any one time and consider the 2-metre rule. 
  • Wash hands regularly and uses gloves provided. 

Furlough Feedback

Thanks for those who have submitted their responses to the Furlough information form and those who haven't completed can access the form here

I do understand everyone's concerns now but I would also like to remind everyone that we are an essential business offering our services to all walks of life including NHS staff, delivery drivers and we are exempt from closing which is why we do need to adhere to the above in order to remain safe and if this is applied in and out of work we can minimize the risk. 

I also wanted to make clear to everyone that the Furlough of staff is not a legal requirement and the staff are not automatically entitled to go on this scheme. If we do proceed with this in the future, then based on the current responses from each individual Employee i will have no option but to handpicked Employees from each relevant departments based on various data. This is the only option in order to keep the business running in a hibernated state so the business can still operate.